May. 03, 2021

WHAT: Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-Franklin) and members of the House Judiciary Committee will vote on the following bills:

House Bill 930 would require investigators to submit DNA profiles of missing persons and unidentified decedents to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NAMUS). Similarly, in cases of unidentified decedents, the bill requires law enforcement to collect DNA samples from the body and within 48 hours, deliver those samples for analysis and then submission to NAMUS.
House Bill 940 would make two changes to the offense of “police animals.” First, it provides that the offense applies whenever a police animal is killed or injured during an offender’s commission of a felony. Second, it lowers the level of mental state needed for a conviction to include recklessness, rather than only knowing or intentional conduct.
House Bill 975 would create the offense of institutional sexual assault of a care-dependent person which would be graded as a third-degree felony.
House Bill 1064 would allow the governing authority of a county, through adoption of an ordinance, to permit its county corrections officers to carry and store a lawfully owned handgun and ammunition in a vehicle located at a specific location at or outside of the county’s correctional institution.
House Bill 1231 was drafted to remedy the court case of Commonwealth v. Perfetto. It creates a limited exception to the compulsory joinder rule to permit prosecutors to pursue summary offenses separate from misdemeanor or felony charges that arise from the same criminal episode.

WHEN: Tuesday, May 4, at 10 a.m.

WHERE: Room 205, Ryan Office Building, Capitol Complex, Harrisburg.


Media contact: Tricia Lehman, 717.772.9840,